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Mike O'Sullivan Marketing Writer

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Some clients I've had the pleasure of serving...

Business-to-Business: Services

Convergys Corporation
A member of the S&P 500 and a FORTUNE "Most Admired" company in the category of "Diversified Outsourcing," Convergys helps large, global organizations better care for their customers and employees. I worked with the division of the company that focuses on employees (HR Solutions). By combining Convergys HR Solutions' people & expertise with their own, organizations' human resources (HR) departments are able to better tie together and execute functions such as recruiting, benefits administration, compensation, learning & training, and performance management, while doing so at lower cost. The company sold the HR Solutions unit in 2010.

Industry Gems Research & Consulting
A provider of custom research for business-to-business sales and marketing teams.

A company that helps organizations with some or all phases of small- and large-scale research and data collection projects.

Spectra Consulting
A technology consultancy (now closed down) which helped to spread best practices in product tracking & security, through its expertise in emerging technologies like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). I worked with Spectra as a partner of marketing technology and services company NetLine.

WageWorks, Inc.
An employee benefits provider that enables organizations large and small to offer their employees tax-advantaged spending accounts for health care, dependent care, and commuting expenses, all through one convenient system.

Business-to-Business: Technology

A provider of technology that improves commercial email.

NetLine Corporation
A provider of technology and services for marketers and publishers, with offerings that encompass lead generation (including a wide online distribution network), lead and customer retention, and enterprise-class marketing automation and email marketing technology.
A provider of enterprise software that users access over the Web (including customer relationship management applications); developers of complementary Web-based enterprise software also can use's technology to help build it.

Business-to-Consumer (some work for companies below targeted business audiences)

Amos Press, Inc.
A publisher of hobbyist magazines such as Linn's Stamp News and Coin World (the world's largest stamp news weekly and the world's #1 publication for coin collectors, respectively).

Apple Inc.
The creator of iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other technology products. I worked with Apple as a partner of design and marketing services agency Black & White Design.

Nonprofit, Education, and Miscellaneous

Business Marketing Association (BMA)
An organization that furthers the professional development of business-to-business marketing professionals.

California State University, East Bay Continuing Education
A division of one of California's many respected public universities that offers over 50 programs — from Pharmaceutical Sales to Human Resource Management to Linux Administration, and beyond — which meet the career training and professional development needs of those who live or work in the "East Bay" portion of the greater San Francisco Bay Area. I worked with CSU East Bay CE as a partner of design firm wcdesign studio.

An educational nonprofit that provides a critical thinking curriculum for children, through which they learn to understand and evaluate technology, past, present, and future.

National Semiconductor Political Action Committee (NSPAC)
The political arm of a major manufacturer of analog-based semiconductor products. I worked with NSPAC as a partner of design firm Castor Design. Texas Instruments acquired National Semiconductor in 2011.

San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment)
SF Environment minimizes San Francisco's environmental impact. Its programs address energy, waste, toxics, and related areas.


"Part of why I value Mike so highly is that he can work effectively with a variety of product managers and others. Very quickly it was clear I'd be able to completely trust Mike with anyone."

Jessica Crecco
Senior Manager,
Product Marketing
Convergys Corporation